Memories from Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Names Dr.Patel Honorary Member

Yet another testament to his ever-reaching efforts, our chairman Dr. Vipul Patel now joins the ranks of historical scholars Bernoulli, Pavlov and Watson… to name few.

On June 13, 2012 he was inducted as an Honorary Member into the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) as he continues to gain the recognition of the global scientific community. Founded by Peter the Great, the RAS works with goals parallel to those of Dr. Patel as they focus on providing comprehensive assistance to scientific research and development while strengthening links between science and education.

Election to membership is strongly based upon scientific contributions and such membership is attributed with high prestige. With a select 500 foreign members inducted from inception (1724) until now, the addition of Dr. Vipul Patel is one to be held in high regard.

Many of the RAS foreign members are Nobel Prize Laureates such as Ivan Pavlov (1904) and Lev Landau in Physics (1962), James Watson in Medicine (1962), and Ernest Rutherford the Father of Nuclear Physics (1908). Benjamin Franklin was also the first American to be inducted into RAS. As Director of the Global Robotics Institute and Director of Urology Oncology at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Patel promises to be a prominent figure in such company.

Vipul Patel has been credited with changing the landscape of prostate cancer care. To date, he has completed over 5,500 robotic prostatectomies. In 2008, he and his team formed and trained the Russian robotic surgery team, performing the first robotic prostatectomy in Russia. Further accomplishments include publishing sentinel papers on the management and outcome of prostate cancer, founding the Society of Robotic Surgeons, and creating the non-profit initiative known as the International Prostate Cancer Foundation. Vipul Patel places great emphasis on the education of surgeons and patients globally. With the International Prostate Cancer Foundation he focuses on three goals: Education, Screening and Research. His mission is to create enough momentum focused on men’s health to result in eradication of the disease.

Dr. Monica Reed, Administrator of Florida Hospital Celebration Health expresses the following: “Dr. Patel has been a valuable example to all of us and has continued to inspire us with his dedication to the field. Central Floridians are so fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon in this community.”

Thankful for the recognition, Patel affirms that the honor of being inducted into the Russian Academy of Sciences is a direct reflection of his mission and future endeavors.

RAS Members of Mention
Daniel Bernoulli – Bernoulli’s Equation
Ivan Pavlov – Conditional Reflex
James Watson – Discovered DNA Strucure
Michael DeBakey – Heart Surgery Pioneer

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