The International Prostate Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to the eradication of prostate cancer. It was founded with a multifaceted mission to explore the disease in an attempt to prevent this disease prior to its inception and to help cure those afflicted with it.
An additional goal of our foundation is early detection via education to improve compliance in yearly screening.

The mission of our foundation was conceived by cancer survivors that have stood up to the fight against prostate cancer. I urge you all to stand with us and help eliminate this disease. Please support us in our fight

1. Promotion of clinical and basic science research in genetic testing for the patients and their progeny. Our goal is to help the scientific world find the genetic signatures that predispose to the development of prostate cancer and use this to clinically impact those afflicted with and those predisposed to prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is genetically transmitted. Wouldn’t it be important to see how, why and if you can prevent your children and your grandchildren from being afflicted?

2. Education for patients and physicians. The global impact of lack of education in prostate cancer is staggering. Men diagnosed early with prostate cancer have a greater than 90% chance of cure. Educating patients on the virtues of regular prostate cancer screening along with their treatment options is of paramount importance as well as the education of physicians regarding patient care.

3. Global screening. Promoting the global screening of prostate cancer worldwide is a monumental task for any foundation. Our goal is to work with programs worldwide and support their efforts in screening and education in their local environment.

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