September 2017 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month — Bling your Underwear

Doctors can’t always give their patients round the clock attention and care. This is why  the talented nurses that work day in and day out with the patients, before, during and after prostate cancer surgery are so important. We can’t praise these men and women enough!  They are on the front lines of patients recovery. That is why it’s so very important that these doctors and nurses keep the patients upbeat and happy. As we all know happy and upbeat patients are more engaged in their recovery.

This year for Prostate Cancer Awareness month, the Nurses of the Prostate Cancer Surgery Department created this great patient contest to promote Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. “BLING YOUR UNDERWEAR!”

Below are just some of the fun entries! Join us in honoring in the Men and Women Nurses who handle the day in and out care of Prostate Cancer Patients. Our Hats are off to you!!! We thank you for everything you do! (Ps. also a belated happy birthday to our founder Dr. Vipul Patel)