Showing Gratitude to IPCF Board Member, Wilson Dondo!

Here at the International Prostate Cancer Foundation we are lucky to have the support of our many esteemed board members.
They donate their time, expertise and financial support to continuing our efforts to fight prostate cancer and it’s effects.

Recently, board member Wilson Dondo, has contributed his time and efforts to help secure a financial gift from a prostate cancer survivor. Donations like this are important in our continued research and developments of treatments to continue to make an impact in the field of prostate cancer. And having wonderful board members, like Mr. Dondo fighting in our corner, contributes to continued breakthroughs.

Wilson Dondo

Mr. Dondo joined our board in early 2014, he holds a Masters Degree in Marketing as well as a Business Degree. He is a member of the International Prostate Cancer Foundation board and co- founder of VMD Group. He continues to lend his efforts to fundraising for IPCF.

We are proud to have someone as a member of our board who gives back to our community so generously.

If you would like to donate to the International Prostate Cancer Foundation, please contact us at or donate directly here.