Dr Drew is Cancer Free!

In the past few weeks Dr. Drew Pinsky, the host of HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call, has begun talking about his battle with prostate cancer. “While many of you were celebrating the Fourth of July, I was at home on my couch recovering from a robotic prostatectomy. Four hours of surgery had left me in great pain, without an appetite, and in need of help to get up and lie down. But I was cancer-free for the first time in at least two years.”

According to an essay on the HLN’s Network Blog, it was only after his wife, Susan, pressured him to get a check up, that it was noticed that Pinsky’s Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels had gone up from a “one” to a “four”. While this was still considered in the “normal” range an ultrasound was performed and revealed that the central lobe of his prostate was bigger than it should have been. Pinsky was then diagnosed with prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate.

Based on his PSA levels and this increase in the size of his prostate, Pinsky’s doctor strongly suggested that a biopsy be performed. This biopsy revealed that he definitely had prostate cancer. The next step was a phase of Active Surveillance, in which the tumor was monitored over the course of more than a year. Finally after a third biopsy, about two to three months ago, it was noticed that the tumor had begun to change shape, and as a result was time to have it removed.

Pinsky states, that he is discussing his battle to help make men aware. It is his goal to inform men that most are likely to get prostate cancer and that they should not panic if and when that time comes. “I’m grateful this was a detectable and  survivable cancer. I’m pleased that the judgement and intuition of my physicians were spot-on every step of the way.”

We at the International Prostate Cancer Foundation commend Dr Drew Pinsky for his bravery and willingness to go public about his battle, as putting faces on this disease is key in creating awareness.

Dr Drew Pinsky’s Top Ten Things to Know about Prostate Cancer

  • Prostate cancer is a complex disease.
  • It behaves differently at different ages.
  • PSA screening is complicated and controversial.
  • If your doctor recommends a biopsy or ultrasound, don’t refuse simply because it involves a sensitive part of your body.
  • If the results show the presence of cancer, don’t panic.
  • Time is on your side. Don’t rush decisions about radiation or surgery.
  • Many men can opt for active surveillance, watching the prostate over a period of months or years.
  • There isn’t a by-the-book, one-size-fits-all treatment.
  • Trust your doctors’ judgment and instincts. They have seen thousands of cases.
  • You’re seeing your first case, and it’s you.

Blueprint for Men’s Health: A GRI Survivorship Program Kick-off Event


Partnering with the Florida Hospital Foundation, the International Prostate Cancer Foundation is proud to lend sponsorship to an Educational Kick-off Event for the Blueprint for Men’s Health: A Global Robotics Institute Survivorship Program this past weekend. Recognizing the importance of ongoing follow-up patient care, Dr. Vipul Patel and team have worked to develop this pilot program to serve as a resource for patients.

Blueprint for Men’s Health: GRI Survivorship Program is the first of its kind. It provides a tailored assessment of each individuals health care needs as well as vital information, assisting patients with various challenges that must be met following prostate cancer surgery.

The kick-off event was a free one-day educational event for local prostate cancer patients of Dr. Vipul Patel, Medical Director of the Global Robotics Institute. This inaugural educational event, held at the Nicholson Center, focused on addressing post cancer concerns such as nutrition, relationships, exercise, genetics and planning for a life after cancer. The event hopes to build support and foster a community for those fighting prostate cancer.

The speakers included:

  • Dr. Vipul Patel
  • Senator Nikki Setzler from South Carolina
  • Ranjan Perera, Ph.D., Scientific Director from Sanford Burnham
  • Courtney Mosser, RD, LD, Oncology Dietitian at Celebration Health
  • Ava Murray, LCSW
  • Krista Castleberry, LCSW from FHCI who moderated the survivorship panel
  • Mike Rothenberg, Ph.D., LCSW; Director of the Center for Counseling and Sexual Health of Winter Park
  • Bill Kelley, EP; Oncology Certified Exercise Physiologist For Celebration Health
  • Bill Silliman, President of Silliman Homes and a board member with the International Prostate Cancer Foundation


Event Raffle


Group Photo of Attendees


Giving Prostate Cancer the Finger!!

Dr. Vipul Patel’s patients have become like family to him, which is clearly evident in this Surprise Birthday Wish!

For more information or to be considered for future events email : FH.GRI.Survivorship@Flhosp.org Blueprint for Men’s Health: GRI Survivorship Program

Dr. Vipul Patel on Fox 35!

In consideration of Prostate Awareness Month, Dr. Vipul Patel, founder of the International Prostate Cancer Foundation, was on Fox 35’s Healthy Housecalls segment on Monday, September 9, 2013. Topics discussed include the Prostate Cancer Screening, a cancer fighting diet, and much more. Check out the video below for all of the Prostate Health tips.