Memories from Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Names Dr.Patel Honorary Member

Yet another testament to his ever-reaching efforts, our chairman Dr. Vipul Patel now joins the ranks of historical scholars Bernoulli, Pavlov and Watson… to name few.

On June 13, 2012 he was inducted as an Honorary Member into the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) as he continues to gain the recognition of the global scientific community. Founded by Peter the Great, the RAS works with goals parallel to those of Dr. Patel as they focus on providing comprehensive assistance to scientific research and development while strengthening links between science and education.

Election to membership is strongly based upon scientific contributions and such membership is attributed with high prestige. With a select 500 foreign members inducted from inception (1724) until now, the addition of Dr. Vipul Patel is one to be held in high regard.

Many of the RAS foreign members are Nobel Prize Laureates such as Ivan Pavlov (1904) and Lev Landau in Physics (1962), James Watson in Medicine (1962), and Ernest Rutherford the Father of Nuclear Physics (1908). Benjamin Franklin was also the first American to be inducted into RAS. As Director of the Global Robotics Institute and Director of Urology Oncology at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, Patel promises to be a prominent figure in such company.

Vipul Patel has been credited with changing the landscape of prostate cancer care. To date, he has completed over 5,500 robotic prostatectomies. In 2008, he and his team formed and trained the Russian robotic surgery team, performing the first robotic prostatectomy in Russia. Further accomplishments include publishing sentinel papers on the management and outcome of prostate cancer, founding the Society of Robotic Surgeons, and creating the non-profit initiative known as the International Prostate Cancer Foundation. Vipul Patel places great emphasis on the education of surgeons and patients globally. With the International Prostate Cancer Foundation he focuses on three goals: Education, Screening and Research. His mission is to create enough momentum focused on men’s health to result in eradication of the disease.

Dr. Monica Reed, Administrator of Florida Hospital Celebration Health expresses the following: “Dr. Patel has been a valuable example to all of us and has continued to inspire us with his dedication to the field. Central Floridians are so fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon in this community.”

Thankful for the recognition, Patel affirms that the honor of being inducted into the Russian Academy of Sciences is a direct reflection of his mission and future endeavors.

RAS Members of Mention
Daniel Bernoulli – Bernoulli’s Equation
Ivan Pavlov – Conditional Reflex
James Watson – Discovered DNA Strucure
Michael DeBakey – Heart Surgery Pioneer

The Mountain Within

“Prostate cancer doesn’t care how fit you are, how high you climb or how much you serve your country….. I am living proof that early detection saves lives.” – Karim Mella

In October of last year IPCF chairman Dr. Patel performed surgery on his 5000th patient, our very own Karim. A striking testimonial and profound spirit, we are thrilled to feature him as our “Face for PSA Testing.” Strongly believing that his survival hinged on early detection, he has generously accepted this role. We express sincere gratitude for the time that he has so willingly volunteered, his impact is cannot be measured!

May 21st 2011, Karim Mella ascends Mount Everest unaware of the underlying shock soon to come. A diagnosis that would make even this most recent feat almost insignificant. For a man not easily intimidated, the words ‘You have prostate cancer’ proved to strike a brutal mental blow.

A marvelous man in his endeavors, Karim Mella is a life that could have been a great loss if not saved through the results of PSA testing. His accomplishments as a physically fit 44-year-old father and husband would leave most anyone certain that his health warranted little concern for decline.

Since age 11 Karim has been climbing the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Serving as a sergeant in the military he has visited and explored 22 countries including South America, Africa, Alaska, Argentina and Peru. All of this leading to his most impressive feat yet, conquering Mount Everest. After climbing Everest in May of 2011 Mella felt invisible he says, unknowingly however, cancer WILL follow you to the top of the world.

Karim showed no symptoms of prostate cancer upon his return check-up. Luckily you may say, his PSA test results returned with high numbers indicating a possible complication with the prostate. Under the recommendations of Dr. Patel this lead to a cancerous biopsy and finally a frightening diagnosis, ‘You have Prostate Cancer’.

Concerned about the outlook for his future Karim confided in Patel for reassurance. With confidence Dr. Patel explained that key factors were acting in Karim’s favor: “Not only have we diagnosed at an early age, but also at an early grade within the early stages of progression.”

After his surgery in October of 2011 Karim exhibits little hesitation as he jumps right back into life…literally (watch the video)! Completing a Half-Ironman in May 2012 he continues to prepare for the New York City Ironman in August of this year. Also he has organized a trip to the Dominican Republic where he will lead 50 low-income children on an expedition into the beautiful mountains in which he begun his journey.

“Cancer does not discriminate. Awareness is our most powerful weapon.”

These are the words of Karim Mella as he advocates the use of PSA testing in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate diseases. He thanks Celebration Health and Dr. Patel his words being, “I could not have asked for any better.”

Follow Karim’s lead by joining his signature on our petition demanding that the USPSTF withdraw recommendations against PSA testing.

Congress Committed to New Jersey Legislature Supporting PSA Test…. Let’s Push Further!

Android_Congress It is clear that we have been applying special focus to events as they relate to the importance of PSA screening, a key tool in the fight against prostate cancer. The issue continues to be relevant throughout the country as new legislature emerges. Recent happenings highlight the New Jersey Legislature as they have successfully approved an act that opposes the negative recommendations made by the United States Preventive Task Force (USPSTF), in regards to PSA testing.

Specifically the act (AJR89/SJR77) asks “the Congress of the United States to seek the withdrawal of the United States Preventative Services Task Force recommendation against prostate-specific antigen-based screening for prostate cancer for men in all age groups ” Not only do the recommendations of the USPSTF discourage and send mixed signals to patients, they furthermore have a direct impact on medical coverage. The Affordable Care Act mandates that preventive services with “A” and “B” ratings receive first dollar coverage from Medicare and Private Health Insurance plans. With a “D” rating, the PSA test faces concerning levels of adversity. Even when a patient is knowledgeable enough to request the test, he may face financial barriers if not covered!

At the International Prostate Cancer Foundation we enthusiastically applaud the efforts and achievements of the New Jersey Patient Care and Access Coalition (NJPCA). Their commitment has lead hundreds of urologists to educate policy makers and key stakeholders on the importance of protecting the health of men in New Jersey. It is with the same effort that we have released a petition urging the USPSTF to withdraw their decision against the use PSA testing. With the goal of serving men nationwide, we encourage you to click here and sign the petition!

We hope that such successes mark the beginning of significant change in this matter. Ultimately we aim to push through further legislation, namely the PROSTATE Act. Drafted by the AUA the Prostate Research, Outreach, Screening, Testing, Access and Effectiveness (PROSTATE) Act fosters an integrated and coordinated approach to the battle against prostate cancer. With a continued and decisive stance, Congress is bound to take notice.

PSA Petition soon to reach 5,000 signatures….. Let’s shoot for 10,000! CREATE ACTION!!

We want to first thank our community for all of your continued efforts, support, and interest as you follow the ongoing developments surrounding this cause. Through our combined initiatives we have made considerable accomplishments and enthusiastically update you on the status of our progress.

As so many of you have signed and shared our petition, urging the USPSTF to recant their negative decision toward PSA testing, please take pride as we announce successfully reaching upwards of 4,400 signatures! Progressing at this rate we have high hopes of reaching 5,000 by this months end, if not sooner. Keeping with an aggressive approach this only motivates us further as we push toward the 10,000 signature mark! It is with confidence that we ask our community to maintain their persistence, spreading the word and calling upon their peers to sign our petition. Reaching 10,000 will be monumental in receiving national coverage and recognition. With this, key decision makers including congress, the media and the global community will be all but forced to take notice and take ACTION! Together we can CHANGE.

Mimic Technologies Extends Support!

With continued support, Mimic Technologies has been gracious enough to extend their contributions through the month of August! We are thrilled as they continue advocating the work of Dr. Vipul Patel’s International Prostate Cancer Foundation by making a donation to the foundation for each new “Like” the new Mimic Facebook Page receives through August 31st, 2012. Together, with your help, we can all save lives. Simply show your support by clicking here, and “liking” the Mimic Technologies Facebook page. For each new “like”, Mimic will donate $1 to this important foundation, dedicated to furthering the research and treatment of prostate cancer.