Orlando Business Journal Recognizes Dr. Patel’s 5000th Surgery!

We are extremely excited to not only celebrate Dr. Patel’s 5000th Robotic Surgery, but his recognition in the Orlando Business Journal.

Click to go view this article.  Be sure to view the video of Dr. Patel discussing the future of robotics surgery, that is within the article!

Congratulations to our founder. Dr. Patel performs his 5,000th surgery!

Congratulations to our chairman and founder, Dr. Vipul Patel! This week he performed his 5,000th prostatectomy!

We want to congratulate him, he is saving lives one surgery at a time!

Here’s to a job well done. Click to Hear it from the mouths of the survivors!

Where is Dr. Patel Now?

Dr. Patel has begun his training for the Disney Marathon and Run for a Cure.  He will run to support the Prostate Cancer Cause and for the International Prostate Cancer Foundation. In the next several months leading up to the run, Dr. Patel will be training all over the world.

Can you guess where he is now?
Clue:  This is a city known for its love of art, music and soccer.  It is famous for its carnival atmosphere and friendly people.

Where is he?  
Do you have a guess?  One person who answers all the questions correctly leading up to the run
will win a prize.

To answer the questions or if you’d like to sponsor Dr. Patel’s run,
please contact Natalia at natalia@ipcfund.org

A Letter from Dr. Vipul Patel

The International Prostate Cancer Foundation is the culmination of the inspirational ideas of my friends, patients, and colleagues. As a prostate cancer physician and urologic oncologist I am faced daily with the challenge of educating and treating men with prostate cancer. I have now treated over 4,000 men with prostate cancer and now yearly I see over 1500 men with various urologic cancers. These men come from all over the world with varied questions seeking advice and treatment. This has allowed me to see the global impact of the disease and the drastic variations in diagnostic practices, stages at detection and levels of available treatment. Due to the inconsistency in education and treatment of the disease worldwide I have teamed up with my patients and colleagues to join the fight against this common yet elusive foe, and I am hopeful that you will join me to eradicate prostate cancer on a global level. I hope you will join me in this endeavor and consider an investment and commitment to the Foundation at a level of personal significance.